Stab protection vest CEST K 3

Stab protection vest CEST K 3

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Stab protection only.

Certified to Personal Protective Equipment Legislation

( PPE Category III - Directive 89/686/EEC – ENISO 13688:2013 – EU 2016_425 ) and stab and cut protection ( VPAM KDIW 2004 )

Outstanding stab protection vest in security level K3.

Ideal for the police, law enforcement and security services.

This vest can be worn comfortably e.g. B. worn under a sweatshirt or sweater. The stab-resistant 2.2 mm thick plastic panels are located in the back and chest area. The back and chest area is additionally protected with a puncture-resistant K3-certified 2.5 mm special aluminum plate.

So that the vest can be cleaned, the protective plates can be removed using the Velcro fasteners and reinserted after washing. Material: 100% polyester, high-quality workmanship.

Materials: 100% Polyester

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