CEST Ballistic Protection Vest Delta

CEST Ballistic Protection Vest Delta

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Our CEST Delta 4 ballistic protective vest is certified according to US NIJ Level IIIa and has even been tested with reference firearms .44 Magnum JHP and .357 Mag.

No additional stab protection is integrated in the CEST Delta model.

The vest is cut in such a way that optimal side protection is guaranteed.

The vest can be put on and taken off quickly thanks to the zipper.

Because of the Molle loops, various Molle holsters can be adapted.

At the back (30x10) and at the front (12x4) you can adapt Velcro labels due to the fleece parts (see Velcro labels).

Two pockets are integrated at the front, which allow additional storage of equipment.

There is also the option of upgrading the CEST ballistic protective vest with hard ballistic plates at the front and rear (www.cest-group.net).

Due to its construction, this CEST Delta ballistic protective vest has considerable safety reserves.

There is also a reinforced rescue/tow handle at the back (if required, the protective vest can also be supplied without a rescue handle).

The case is made of Cordura 1000; Breathable mesh material is used on the inside.

Color: Black

Weight: S-2.7kg, M-2.9kg, L-3.1kg, XL-3.7kg, XXL-4.1kg

The delivery time is 4 weeks.

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