CEST® Armor Ultra Pro ballistic balaclava stab protection cut protection balaclava

CEST® Armor Ultra Pro ballistic balaclava stab protection cut protection balaclava

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Designed by CEST® in Germany.

The fabric was developed with our team and our colleagues from a research laboratory in Japan (near Nagoya).

The CEST Armor Ultra Pro ballistic balaclava, unisex cut, is woven from a hybrid textile (including Armortex, fiberglass, HPPE),

The ballistic balaclava is cut in such a way that the upper shoulder area, neck and upper chest area are also generously secured.

High ballistic holding power
Various fragment protection (highest puncture and cut protection)

This fabric has been tested according to EN 388 6.2-16 ( cut protection level 5 ) and EN 388 6.2-16 (puncture protection level 4 ) by an internationally certified laboratory.

Cut resistance (COUP test): Category 3

Test procedure:

A rotating circular blade cuts across the material at a constant speed and constant force (5 Newtons). The result is given with an index value for simplification. This value is made up of the number of cycles required to cut through the material and the degree of wear of the blade used.

The big advantage of the CEST® Ultra Pro ballistic balaclava is the wearing comfort. Since, among other things, spandex is also used, the fabric is super stretchy and wears like a conventional balaclava; is light, thin and soft; it is still breathable and has the best puncture-resistant and cut-resistant properties.

Washable (hand wash) at 40 degrees.

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